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Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project (ILCOP): Analysing the relationship between the ILCOP intervention and patient experience

  • The Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project (ILCOP) was funded by the Health Foundation and managed by the Royal College of Physicians. It involved the delivery of various interventions that link up lung MDTs from different NHS Trusts to share best practice in diagnosing, treating and supporting patients with lung cancer, and to look for the underlying reasons for differences in rates of lung cancer survival at different NHS Trusts.  
  • ILCOP recruited eighty MDTs in England, which were paired and randomly assigned into either an intervention group (thirty MDTs, fifteen pairs) or a control group (fifty MDTs, twenty-five pairs).
  • As part of the evaluation of the intervention a paper survey was distributed at three time points (via the Clinical Nurse Specialist) to patients who have been managed by the intervention group MDTs. 
  • In total this was distributed to patients from 27 of the MDTs taking part in the intervention at the three time-points, and to the remaining 3 MDTs at two of the time-points.
  • Green Cross Medical Ltd completed the analysis of the patient experience data to examine whether any change was apparent between the survey waves.